The State of Texas requires any person who desires to carry a handgun, concealed or openly, to complete a License To Carry class held by a certified instructor or to complete an approved online course and range qualification. The classroom portion must be 4-6 hours long and includes a written examination.  The handgun proficiency exam is 50 rounds shot at a standard target with a minimum passing score.  The proficiency exam is not included as part of the class time. 

It is no longer required for persons needing to renew their license to attend the class or do the proficiency testing.  We highly recommend persons needing to renew their license attend (audit) the class to become familiar with any changes in the laws.

Our in-classroom course is a multi-media presentation that covers the requirements of the Department of Public Safety and is open to both new and renewal applicants. All materials, videos and instructors must be DPS approved. You will receive instruction in gun safety, non-violent conflict resolution, the laws concerning concealed carry and basic marksmanship.

Our online classroom course is a 4 hour video course broken into 15-20 minutes segments.  The course has been approved by DPS.  Handgun proficiency must be completed in-person with a certified LTC instructor and is separate from the online course.

It is best to use the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) website to complete your application.  We recommend that you apply online; however, you may still request an application packet be mailed to you.  The DPS website is  It is not necessary to complete your online application prior to attending this class and we do discuss the application process.  Upon completion of the class and/or proficiency exam, you will receive the form required to submit with your application packet.

In-classroom course begins promptly at 8:00 AM.  The classroom portion should conclude around 2:00 PM.  The range qualification is conducted before, during or after classroom portion depending on class scheduling requirements.  Class and range location vary and will be announced with each scheduled class.

This class is not designed to teach the basics of handgun use.  It is necessary the student has a working knowledge of their gun and is able to safely handle, load and fire it.  Persons wishing to learn these basic skills should attend our Basic Handgun class or schedule a private lesson prior to attending this class.

This class is not an NRA class.


New to handguns? This class is designed to teach the new shooter gun safety, the basics of loading, unloading, ammunition types, care/cleaning, and marksmanship. We will work with each student on their personal weapon as well as instruction on others.

This class is available as an individual or group class.  We charge $35.00 for the first hour of the class and $20.00/hour (rounded up to the next 15 minute mark) for time over the basic hour.  This price is per student.  Group/family rates are available.  Please contact us at for more information.

This class is not an NRA class.


The NRA basic pistol class is designed for the beginning shooter. The class covers most all types of guns and their safe use. Considered one of the best programs of its kind, this is an excellent class for the shooter looking to better understand the dynamics of pistol shooting.


How is the best way to store your gun? What do I tell my children? These great questions and more are covered. Not only are pistols covered, rifles and shotguns are discussed as well. Parents should strongly consider bringing their children to this class as specific information is given concerning children and guns. We recommend your child(ren) to be 3rd grade or older.

This class is not an NRA class.


The “Inside” portion of class discusses many of your options to protect yourself, your family and property both prior to a criminal gaining access to your home/business and once they have gained access. Shooting drills include “point” shooting and shooting from concealment. 

The “Outside” portion covers those of you who have decided to carry a concealed handgun, where/how to carry, what type of holster may work best for you. Ladies, have you practiced drawing your gun form your purse? These are just a few of the many skills we will discuss during this class. Much of our time will be spent on the range actually practicing these very critical skills.

This class is not an NRA class.


The crown jewel of our NRA classes. Refuse To Be A Victim (RTBAV) was originally started by the NRA to assist women in preventing attacks. The instruction became so popular the curriculum was modified to include both men and women. We will cover everyday steps you can take to prevent falling prey to the criminal including, but not limited to, while traveling, at home, email and internet security. We do offer a section on firearms in this class as an option for groups desiring to leave them out of the discussion.