WE BEGIN PROMPTLY AT THE STATED STARTING TIME!  Please arrive at the classroom at least 15 minutes early to allow for sign-in and other paperwork.  Drinks and snacks are furnished.  Classes meeting during lunch time will have a meal furnished unless otherwise stated.  Please inform us of any dietary restrictions at time of registration.  No smoking, including electronic, or tobacco use is allowed within 50 feet of the classroom or while on the range.  Please properly dispose of your waste.


It is recommended to bring at least 2 magazines for your semi-automatic to all classes.  It is required to have at least 2 magazines for both Personal Protection classes.  At least 3 speed loaders are required if you are using a revolver for the Personal Protection classes.  Spare magazine/speed loader holder(s) recommended.


Appropriate eye and ear protection are required on the range.  Eyeglasses and sunglasses are acceptable if they are made of impact resistant materials.  Ear protection type (in or over ear) is your choice.  Please wear acceptable attire. Tops/shirts should not be loose fitting around the collar as the brass being ejected from your or someone else’s gun is extremely hot. Long sleeves are not required but should be considered.  We do not permit open-toed shoes/sandals/flip-flops to be worn on our range.  Baseball cap, visor or a hat with a brim is recommended.


Ammunition should be of good quality (re-loaded ammunition is not allowed for any Caliber Self Defense Class) and what you normally shoot for practice (personal protection ammunition is acceptable but due to the increased cost is not recommended for practice).  We do not allow steel ammunition and non-brass casings to be used.


This class covers the requirement for completing the application for a License To Carry in the Sate of Texas.  The Range Qualification portion of this class is a proficiency demonstration.  It is not designed to teach students how to use a gun, improve accuracy or work on the fundamentals of shooting.  We may make general suggestions such as adjustments to stance, grip or other basics.  It is the student’s responsibility to load, unload and clear malfunctions as proof of your proficiency.


Please bring a pen/pencil and paper for notes.  You should bring your handgun and ammunition into the classroom.  The gun must be unloaded and in a holster or case.  All magazines must also be unloaded.


Please bring a pen/pencil and paper for notes as well as your NRA credentials (membership card or other paperwork showing your name and NRA member number).  Leave your gun and ammunition in the vehicle.  NO LIVE AMMUNITION IS ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM!


Basic Pistol/First Steps–100 rounds of ammunition (we will use a minimum of 50 rounds)–cleaning kit, rags and owner’s manual for your gun if available.


LTC Class–bring 100 rounds (we will use a minimum of 50 rounds).


Personal Protection Inside/Outside the Home–bring 250 rounds of ammunition (we will use a minimum of 200 rounds)–an outside the waist band holster (a molded/rigid holster is recommended  to facilitate drawing and re-holstering drills) for your gun–knee pads are recommended as we will be shooting from a kneeling position (if you are physically able-if you have a physical limitation that prevents kneeling we will adjust to your capabilities).  Long pants with a belt is highly recommended.  Ladies will need to bring their purse if that is where they will carry.