Scott Kimble, founder of Caliber Self Defense, was raised in Southern Indiana. Joining the US Air Force in 1976, Scott had the opportunity to travel the globe visiting England, Africa, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Greenland, Iceland, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Islands, Australia, New Zealand and Guam.

Having experienced the cultures and customs of those countries, Scott’s love for the United States and his appreciation of the freedoms and blessings this country has to offer grew deeper.

Committed to promoting and protecting the constitutional rights of all Americans, Scott is an Patron member of the National Rifle Association and a Life Member of the Texas State Rifle Association; he strongly believes in the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms.  Scott is a Certified NRA Instructor for Basic Handgun, Home Firearms Safety, Refuse To Be A Victim and In Home Self Defense.  He is also an NRA certified Range Safety Officer.

The mission of Caliber Self Defense is to train ordinary citizens to become aware of their surroundings and to safely avoid confrontations; however, when retreat just is not an option, to defend themselves, their families, and their possessions by whatever means is necessary.

A Texan by marriage, Scott resides in Joshua with his wife, Kim.