Caliber Self Defense trains ordinary people to become aware of their surroundings, look for signs that indicate there might be trouble, find ways to avoid trouble when possible and respond appropriately if they cannot.


We teach basic to advanced classes in situational awareness, unarmed self defense, armed self defense, gun safety, care and cleaning of guns, and marksmanship.  We offer the Texas License To Carry (LTC) course plus NRA Basic Pistol, Home Firearms Safety, Personal Protection In The Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home and Refuse To Be A Victim classes.  In the future we hope to include tactical classes as well as classes in the martial arts.


Our training is based on the idea that not everyone is a Bruce Lee or Annie Oakley.  We attempt to evaluate the student and adjust the training to the level they can best understand, are comfortable with yet pushes their abilities to the limit.  As that limit expands, so does the level of training.